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Current and incoming students are welcome to register with Student Accessibility Services if they are interested in accessing disability accommodations, exploring eligibility, or just identifying as a student with a disability. We encourage students to register as early as possible, but they are welcome to submit an application at any point during their time at the SUNY Brockport. To register with Student Accessibility Services and/or request disability accommodations, please complete the field below.

This is a legal document and can only be completed by the SUNY Brockport student themselves, parents/guardians completing this form will result in a deletion of the entire file due to compliance with legal regulations.

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The fields below are optional. The intent behind the acquisition of this data is to show the dynamic intersectionality of our beautiful disability minority group. It is our goal to honor all of the identities that make us unique individuals.

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Choose the earliest semester for which you are requesting accommodations and will be enrolled in courses.

A List of Conditions is available here if needed.

More information about disability-related accommodations is available. Noting items on this list does not necessarily guarantee their approval. Final determination will be made by the Accessibility Specialists of Student Accessibility Services.

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I understand that I am responsible for submitting current eligibility documentation specific to my disability(ies) as it pertains to the requested accommodations I have specified above. Upon receipt and approval of such documentation, services will be determined during a personal consultation with an Accessibility Specialist of Student Accessibility Services.

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